Giving to All Saints’

We believe that the choices we make about our money and our time reflect our values. We believe that we are called to give our money and time for the building of God’s kingdom — to support a Christian community that seeks to know God in worship, prayer, and through serving those in need. 

For many of us, giving money and time to All Saints’ is part of our own transformation into people of God. By giving generously, we are able to loosen the control that money has over much of our lives. Many of us experience the freedom God wants for us through our generous gifts of money and time to the church.

About 95% of All Saints’ operating budget comes from annual financial commitments by parishioners.  Most All Saints’ households — about 70% — make financial commitments to the parish operating budget each year. We invite you to consider how your giving to the work of the church can reflect your values.

BCP in pew rackThe Legacy Society: Planned Giving

Your will and estate plans give you an opportunity to support the ministry of All Saints’ for generations to come.  By including All Saints’ in your will and financial plans, you are able to direct that your assets will be used according to your values and will support the church community that you love.  Such gifts are important for the mission of the church – regardless of whether you have a small estate or a large one – and such gifts may provide tax advantages for you during your life and tax advantages for your estate upon your death. The Legacy Society recognizes those parishioners who have made a gift to All Saints’ through their will or financial plans.

There are many ways to leave a legacy gift to All Saints’, including, for example:

  • a bequest in your will, DSC_0100
  • a gift of assets like life insurance or retirement plans,
  • an annuity, trust, or other gift that produces income for you during your life with a remainder left for the church (charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, for example),
  • a trust that produces income for the church and then distributes the remainder to your family after a term of years (charitable lead trust), or
  • a gift to the church of property that you continue to use during your lifetime (charitable life estate).

Legacy gifts have already made substantial contributions to the life of our parish by providing for the renovation of the chapel, a new roof for the nave, renovation of the organ, support for the addition of staff members, and other critical needs.

For more information, please contact the church office at 662-842-4386. The Episcopal Church Foundation’s website on planned giving provides more details on legacy gift options.

One-Time GiftsDSC_0025

Many people choose to make special one-time gifts to All Saints’ in thanksgiving for a particular person or occasion. We welcome gifts in memory or in honor of particular people or to mark a particular occasion. You may make such gifts online at this link. (Link to giving page)

We welcome gifts to Saints’ Brew. Saints’ Brew operates entirely on donations designated for that ministry. Your gift to Saints’ Brew will go entirely to feed the homeless and needy in Tupelo.